Can you think of a better way to spend the summer in Greece than planning a fantastic pool party !? And if you want to have an epic party, then the location is very important! At Mykonian Iros we have great party venues and luxury villas that will set the stage for a party you have always dreamed of. Guests can relax by the pool, sip cocktails while watching the sunset and enjoy incredible local delicacies.

This is why we provide complete event planning and design services such as style and décor, catering, audio, video, lighting and entertainment.

One of the joys of a pool party is the connection with food and drink! We can welcome your guests with a cocktail reception and serve a variety of summer delicacies with seasonal flavors to start the party. Drinks are also a must at any pool party. From branded cocktails to tequila shots and iced champagne to delicious fruit bowls, we can create an exciting beverage menu that encourages your guests to experiment with flavors they may not have had otherwise.

In the same way, you can organize the swearing-in party!


Have you ever dreamed of celebrating a bachelor party with all your friends in a wonderful place? Mykonian Iros is the ideal place to organize and enjoy the bachelor party of your life.

The island of Mykonos, which is famous for its nightlife and cosmopolitan life, is like a paradise on earth and in combination with its enchanting landscapes, will make your party unforgettable!

The pool may be the focus, however the landscaping of the outdoor area creates a more festive environment. Fun, playful textures and bright colors emphasize the summer atmosphere, while outdoor accessories such as balloons can make things more festive.


If you haven’t heard by now… the best luxury parties take place in Mykonos! The island is famous for its crazy party scene and endless, wild nightlife… People from all over the world are eager to live this experience and that’s why every year the events and birthday parties in Mykonos, get bigger and crazier!  Wouldn’t you like to have such a night to remember forever? At Mykonian Iros you can organize your birthday party in our specially designed venues, either in the courtyard by the pool or in one of our luxury villas.

Our services include a complete range of products linked to the event, sound, lighting, projections, DJ, transportation, decoration and full menu, upon request.

Depending on your particular preferences, you may choose to treat yourself and loved ones to a traditional Greek birthday celebration, with lots of dancing, singing, and authentic Mykonian feasts involved.