Laser Hair Removal

Clarity by Lutronic is a state-of-the-art laser machine, with a double wavelength, Alexandrite 755nm and Nd: YAG 1064 mn, high speed and the biggest spot (20 mm) as well. Thanks to the simultaneous revolutionary function of two types of cooling (Hybrid Cooling), there is one spraying before and one during the pulse, thus pain is minimized. It offers various therapeutic options for all types of skin, even for the dark or tanned ones.
Depending on patients’ needs, Clarity by Lutronic is able to cover a range of dermatological surgeries, such as:

– Hair Removal
– Skin Rejuvenation
– Skin Tightening
– Melanochromatic Blot Removing
–Vascular Damage Treatment
–Onychomycosis Treatment
–Warts Removal
– Many other aesthetic and pathological treatments.

How comfortable is this treatment?

Clarity was designed to maximize comfort. Treatments, in combination with the embodied Intelligent Cooling System, make these treatments comfortable, without anesthetics needed.

How long does recovery last?

There is almost no extended irritation after a treatment using Clarity, even after a combined treatment. When this process is over, you may resume your regular routine skin care as well as the application of your make-up.

How fast is this process?

It depends on the area and the process that you will choose. Nevertheless, Clarity’s features offer functionalities that will accelerate your recovery time, e.g. full face treatment might last less than 10 minutes.


The most advanced laser systems by Prestige Derma Clinic alter everything we know about hemangioma treatment. Our patients can finally be exempted from all these, quickly and effectively, without having any mark or scar.

Facial Regenaration Nd:YAG Laser Treatment

Defeat time fearlessly and immediately, having the best results possible.

Acne Scar Medical LASER Treatment

Defeat time fearlessly and immediately, having the best results possible.

Medical Laser Applications

Clinical Dermatology

Streaks ( Stretch Marks)

Stretch Marks are a common aesthetic problem that tortures all population, not only woman but also men. Skin seems to “crack", thus creating with and pink unappealing lines.


HPV virus is considered to be the most frequent sexuall transmitted virus. Many studies estimate that the majority of the sexual active population has been exposed to an infection by at least one type of the virus.

Onychomycosis laser Nd:YAG Treatment

The nail fungus laser treatment is the most modern treatment since the virus is naturally sterillzed.The laser light is  fungicide and roots fungi down, without any side effects from medication. It is a fast, easy, painless and very effective treatment against nail fungi. 4-8 sessions are requared for total recovery.

Acne Treatment

Acne constitutes the most frequent illenss of pilosebaceous glands and affects mostly the face torso and the back. It appears not only in woman but also in men of all ages and even though it is not related to serious problem, it seems significant psychosocial consequences to those who suffer from it.

Silhouette Soft Face Threads

An immediate solution for sagging, in 45 minutes!!! No incisions.Simply by using an absorbable threads that have Cones. Modern Aesthetic Medicine is increasingly making progress on non-invasive treatments, in order to prevent aging, sagging volume loss or fall of facial anatomic features. Silhouette Soft Face Threads is a therapeutic protocol, an innovative.

Mesotherapy face and body

Injectable face mesotherapy. Face Mesotherapy is a well- known medical act of Aesthetic Medicine. It can be applied to all types of skin of every age anytime. Face mesotherapy is subdived to autologous, heterologus and non injectable mesotherapy.

Hyaluronic Acid Treatment 

Hyaluronic Acid Treatment is the most well-known method used for treating static wrinkles, volume loss which usually appears over the years.

AQUALYX Lipolysis Treatment 

AQUALYX is an injectable Lipolysis that acts topically and focally, in any part where the problem of focal exists. It is estimated that an average of 3-6 are held every 20 days. The outcomes are evident from the second session, while the final outcomes are extremely imressive.

Injectable Hyperhidrosis Treatment

Hyperhidrosis is a pathological condition, which is characterized by excessive secretion of perspiration from eccrine sweet glands. It can be found mostly in armpits, palms feet and rarely all over the body. After this method is applied the patient is able to resume his rutine, with a few restrictions.

PDO Lifting Threads

Beat time in a right and natural way. New thread lifting by Icon Biomed, done in zero time and without surgery. This technique consists in boosting skin and lifting these areas of face and body that have dropped, either due to sagging thin skin or age.

Aesthetic Dermatology